The Whirlpool

Crazy how easy it is to get sucked right back in, no matter how much you appreciated the freedom and serenity of life frolicking in the tidepools. The whirlpool does have its own draws, though, pun only subtly intended. My first few weeks back at school have been filled with the minute but crucial processes of getting into the swing of new classes and getting various elements of student theatre up and running.

Classes this term are fantastic:
* Comparative Education, comparing Japanese and American teaching styles, and later, I believe, Afghani as well
* Developmental Psychology, Adolescence to End of Life
* Psychology of Romantic Relationships, really fascinating stuff
* Contemporary Theatre, because theatre is still my major
* Senior Theatre Festival, where the senior theatre majors read tons of plays, talk about them, and pick four to produce in the spring,
* Yoga, because I'll sure need it

I'm living in the Women's Ministry House, arranged by the local college ministry group, with seven other wonderful women. The house itself is utterly fantastic--photos to be posted soon. We have house dinner four times a week, and much fun.

This year in the student theatre world I'm producing the town Crier Speaks festival of student-written one-act plays, which is going to be great this year. We just had our auditions last week and now directors are starting their rehearsal processes, and I am really excited about the scripts we'll be putting up and how well-suited each director is to his/her show. We'll be putting up several more experimental pieces, and one that I've written will also be produced, which will be neat to see.

I also discovered that I'm president of the Student Theatre club on campus, so there was a bit of running around filing forms and talking to people to get that taken care of, but it's pretty much settled by now.

For the most part, as my creation of this blog indicates, things are at a bit of a lull, although I'm sure they won't stay that way for long. but i'm glad to be back, much as I miss many of the people and places from my time abroad, and i am excited for the mysteries which lie ahead, beyond the hazy frontiers of my life as a college undergrad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice to see you are keeping us apprised with this new blog. But where are the pictures from your last two months in Europe? And where are your latest musings on the Harry Potter saga?

--Uncle Bruce

6:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And then what happened?

--Uncle Bruce

1:53 PM  

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