Holiday Briefs

Okay, I am going to depart wildly from my habitual locquacity and attempt to communicate the most relevant recent developments of my life in a few brief bullet points. This act, along with pigs flying and hell being employed as an ice hockey arena, could well be one of the signs of the apocalypse, so watch out.

* The last six days I spent in Seattle were spent without power, after a crazy windstorm (the latest in a succession of Northwestern weather anomalies including the rainiest month ever on record and a freak snowfall--seriously, you think I'm kidding about the apocalypse, but...) that took out numerous trees and their neighboring powerlines. Luckily we had a gas fireplace that we kept going and plenty of candles--still, it was an adventure. Luckily, due to quick thinking, we ate all the ice cream the first night, so no great losses were suffered. Part of a tree also did land on the roof, but it doesn't seem to have done any significant damage.

* In spite of the lack of power over my last week of writing time, I managed to come very near to meeting my self-imposed word quota deadline. I had 47,000 of the hoped-for 50,000 words when I left town on the 18th, many of those written in various local coffee shops or in the dark late at night on power stored up from various local coffee shops. Even more exciting, I have now officially crested 50,000 words, and am coasting through the novel's final pages before turning around and heading back for a second pass through to clean things up.

* I returned to San Diego for the week prior to Christmas to hang out with my mom and sisters, which was excellent fun.

* I attended a ceilidh held by my little sister's Irish dance studio, which was glorious, as all such events are.

* I am currently re-obsessed with Apples to Apples, after recently playing my first game in many months, discovering what serious A2A withdrawal I had been in, and finding a couple of websites, both official and unofficial, listing various A2A-related products and rule variations. I have started creating a "recipe book" with a compilation of all my favorite rule variations and a glossary of Apples to Apples terms. So, if anyone wants to play with me next time I see you, you'll be my new best friend.

* I am now in Maui with my family, which is absolutely gorgeous and very relaxing. I will be staying for three weeks, and intend to use a sizable portion of the time revising my novel, with the goal of having a draft ready to show people by the end of January.

Ok, so, that wasn't the briefest thing ever written, which I guess is a good sign if you're not quite ready for the end of the current age and the creation of a new heaven and earth and all of that. But there are a lot more details I could have inserted but restrained myself from including, despite the fact that I haven't yet journaled about the time period under discussion, which is usually the best method of distilling my reflections to only the most relevant, or interesting, or whatever it is I am aiming for with this blog. I'm not sure whether the lack of readership I have thus far managed to secure is an indication that I have as yet failed to achieve my aims, or that the aims themselves are flawed, but it hasn't stopped me from persisting yet, so I suppose I will probably just press on as usual.



Anonymous Jason said...

Ha, be careful what you wish for, Lizzie. I hope you enjoy your time on Mauai, it's a lovely island. You'll have to tell me all about your adventures. And your A2A variations as well - my A2A crate hasn't been put to good use, lately.

7:03 PM  

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