Turning Twenty-One

Of course you never quite feel the age difference overnight as it seems that you should. The magical birthday fairy always seems to pass by without a sprinkling of the "sudden realization" dust. I suppose it must be quite costly, that dust, and not to be wasted on your average everyday birthday. But you might think that such a reputedly significant turning point as one's twenty-first birthday might merit a pinch or two... No matter. Fairy dust or not, I had a positively marvelous birthday.

I awoke to a birthday phone call from my mother, then headed off to school, where my Theatre History class bid me Happy Birthday and made me wear a plastic light-up tiara and matching earrings through class. Between classes I got to talk to my sister about the wonder which is the DVD of R. Kelly's Trapped in the Closet chapters 1-12, which she will bring home so I can watch it with her over Thanksgiving. I brought homemade vanilla cupcakes with sprinkle-stars to Senior Theatre Festival, where we unfortunately failed to reach a satisfactory resolution as to next semester's line-up of plays, alas, but we shall. I hope... They did treat me to a rousing chorus of Happy Birthday, which was quite fun.

After class, I returned home to cook a delicious feast of spinach, biscuits, and macaroni and cheese casserole, which I shared with my wonderful housemates. Then a number of friends came over for a marathon of Apples to Apples (regular and 2-for-1) over cake and sparkling pear and cranberry juice, while listening to music from my time abroad. The day was also interspersed with e-mails and phone calls from loved ones from afar, bidding me a happy birthday. All in all, a fantastic way to celebrate the twenty-one years of life with which God has blessed me so far.

I'm still in the midst of a time of relative stresslessness, which is wonderful (apart from the Senior Theatre Festival difficulties) and have had some time to relax, catch up, and even READ A BOOK FOR FUN! I know--gasp! (It was, if you're curious, Starship Troopers, by Robert Heinlein, which happens to have been the only new book I brought up to school this semester, so pessimistic was I about the prospects of having free time to do some reading.)

One other exciting tidbit: I found out that two fellow-students will be studying abroad at Sussex next semester, so I get to meet them on Monday and give them some advice, and basically reminisce about my glorious semester abroad and try to convince them to allow me to stow away in their luggage.

That's all for now. More later, and much love!


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