The two of you stand before me for very different reasons...

For anybody who was wondering, I am having a wonderful time spending a week of fun-filled bonding time with my li'l sister. We have spent an embarrassingly large portion of the past few days ensnared in an America's Next Top Model Mega-Marathon on vh1, in which they played every episode from every season of ANTM thus far (that's seven seasons). Thankfully I did not count exactly how many episodes we ended up watching, otherwise I would undoubtedly be ashamed to admit to the number.

It was actually pretty hilarious, and left us spending a lot more time together and interacting than we probably otherwise would have. Needless to say, we have our impersonations of Tyra Banks (to whom we sometimes lovingly refer as Ty-Ty) down solid, and countless inside jokes from the various episodes. Our favorite part is when they catch themselves about to make some kind of comment about a girl's physical appearence, and then turn it into something about her personality. As in, "she really fills the room...with her, uh... energy!"

Actually, to my surprise the show isn't quite so physicality-centered and oppressive as it seems to have the potential to be. I mean, admittedly there is kind of an upper weight limit for the finalists, but so much is done with make-up and editing that there doesn't seem to be a specific "look" that is preferred, and a number of quirky and even awkward-looking girls, by traditional standards, have done quite well. They focus just as much on energy, commitment, acting ability, etc. Not to promote judging women based on their external appearances, but it could definitely be worse.

In the moments we have been able to disentangle ourselves from Tyra, Nigel, Twiggy, Janice, Miss J, and the girls, we've had some good times on the beach, gone for a couple of runs, and last night we went to visit our old friend, the beloved guitarist/vocalist Harry Troupe, who appreciated having his own personal cheering section, and sang O Bla Di at our request.

Allie's here for a couple more days, which I am looking forward to, and then I will have a week here on my own, during which I am hoping to finish up the novel first draft. I've had a couple of great breakthroughs about the ending over the past couple of days, so I am itching to get back to writing in earnest, and for those of you to whom I have promised to send a copy, I should be getting that to you by the end of January.

I hope the new year is treating you fabulously, wherever you are and whatever you're doing.


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