Upcoming All-Nighters

Turns out there are still opportunities to pull all-nighters even after you're out of school. Two opportunities I'm looking forward to this month:

Relay For Life at SPU, a 24-hour relay (walking though, not running, for any XCers out there who got excited...but still, fun times!) that's a fundraiser for cancer patients and research. For anyone who doesn't know what a 24-hour relay is, you have various teams camped out on a track, and each team has one person going around the track at all times, so people switch off and hang out and it's pretty much glorious crazy excitement. So that'll be fun, and a little nostalgic of the LJXC 12- and 24-hour relays of yore. Also, I just found out someone's bringing Apples to Apples--yay! (Hey, here's a fundraiser idea: a 24-hour Apples to Apples relay--teams make sure they always have one person engaged in a twenty-four-hour-long Apples to Apples game! Yes!!! (No, seriously, Robby, I've got it under control, though, really...)) Oh, but if anyone's interested in sponsoring me for that (Relay for Life, not the Apples to Apples relay), or donating any money to the cause, let me know. All proceeds go to cancer issues.

...and then...

Doubleshot Festival at UPS (SPU's evil arch nemesis--we even have the same colors, did you know that? Eerie...) Anyway, this is a two-day theatre festival. There are twelve playwrights and directors and a whole bunch of actors, split in half. The first half of the playwrights are each assigned a director and a handful of actors twenty-four hours before their play is supposed to go onstage. They are also given a theme. Then they're sent off to write all night. By morning, they're expected to have a finished script to hand over to the director and actors, who rehearse all day, and the collection of ten-minute plays is produced that evening. After the production, the remaining playwrights are given their directors and actors and their theme, and the process repeats, with a whole new collection of shows performed the following evening. Crazy, insane, incredibly amazing! I am one of the second-day playwrights, and I am so incredibly excited for this event. If you're living in the area and want to come check the festival out, contact me and I'll give you more info. An hour of plays resulting from the late-night, high-pressure, rapid-deadline mental brewings of six playwrights who have to be slightly mad to begin with to even agree to this crazy scheme--should be an interesting evening...


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