Unabridged (Dun Dun DUUUN!!!)

So, I don't know if the pink chair is solely responsible or if there are other factors at play, but I have been in writing MODE this past week. Holy cow. It's kind of intense. In addition to those two crazy nights of journalling last Wednesday and Thursday, I have now spent a pretty sizable portion of the weekend on various additional writing projects. Nothing creative in a fictional sense--mostly philosophical / academic / reflective stuff. A lot of things I've been thinking about and wanting to express to a larger audience than just, you know, me, myself, and I (although the three of us are pretty encouragingly responsive and engaged as audiences go, if at times somewhat overly argumentative). And you know me (you kind of can't help it, can you?)--I'll take any opportunity you make the mistake of giving me to share my thoughts about things, in writing or aloud.

And just such an opportunity has recently presented itself. Because, you see, I have recently had reason to acquire a livejournal account. Really just for the sake of having a username, but then of course once I had the thing, I couldn't just leave it hanging, postless, in cyberspace. Plus, I went to see the new Julie Taymor/Beatles music movie Across The Universe, and I wanted to consolidate my thoughts on it in written form. But it wasn't exactly the sort of thing I typically intrude upon this blog with. So I thought, "Well, I'll just stick it up on livejournal. Just for fun."

And I'm like a junkie when it comes to this sort of thing. One hit just wasn't enough. I kept going back for more. I've only been posting on the thing for a day and already I think you can pretty much piece together my life story from the stuff I've put up there. It's insane.

So, now comes the tricky part--what to do with the fact that I now have a blog AND a livejournal? Is this the end of an era? Should I close out my blog and move on to the livejournal? It isn't unprecedented. I switched from one blog to another when I came back from England. But this is not nearly so definitive a shift in circumstances as was that. Plus, I like my little blog. I've become kind of attached to it.

At the same time, there are certain things I am interested in exploring that for some strange reason involving the arbitrary, sourceless internal conception I hold about the purpose and structure of my blog I don't really feel able to do on here. Like, I've always admired blogs like Ciao Samin for their inclusion of random day-to-day observations and details. And I've often resolved to try out that method of blogging. But for some reason I just can't bring myself to do it. Some things just seem too trivial (in other words, too brief) for a blog, unless I save them up and post them all at once in some massive "here's what I've been up to lately" litany.

But (and once again, don't ask me to try to explain why) for some reason I feel totally comfortable posting those things on a livejournal. It's crazy, I know. But that's the way it is.

So, anyway, I've decided I'm going to keep both. But worry not--this doesn't mean you now need to visit two separate sites every time you want an update on my life and thoughts. If I do things properly, then depending on what you are looking for in terms of your desire to keep tabs on my doings, you will be able to select which of the two locations it makes more sense for you to visit.

If you want to know everything, absolutely everything, that I have the time and inclination to explore in some forum more public than my own spiral-bound notebooks, then visit my livejournal. You can find it at http://shethinks-aloud.livejournal.com (or, click on the link to it in the sidebar under "My Other Blogs"). I'm calling it "She Thinks Aloud, Unabridged," and I'm warning you now, that's precisely what it's going to be.

A lot of the things on there will be the (hopefully relatively) brief, random notes and observations of the type I so admire out of Samin. But there will also continue to be the lengthier, more involved, philosophical and expositional types of posts characteristic of this blog (for instance, see my post from a little earlier today directly below this one: "On The Road: A New Section"). But here is what, for your benefit and convenience, I am going to do with those types of posts--not only will I put them up on my livejournal; I will also copy and paste them over here.

So, if you want to keep reading posts at the level and frequency to which you have become accustomed here on the blog, just keep coming here, and your experience should remain unchanged by my adoption of an additional livejournal. If, on the other hand, you have recently been craving exposure to even more of my thoughts, reflections, observations, opinions, and experiences, switch over to visiting my livejournal, and you won't miss out on anything if you never return to this blog again. (Except, I suppose, the lovely layout and color scheme. Which you have my permission to periodically revisit for purely aesthetic reasons, if you so desire.)

So, that's the update. Click here to pop over to my livejournal for a little peek, to see what exactly on earth I am babbling about.


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