I, In Turn, Intern...

Well, just over a week has passed since I commenced my internship, and so far I am heartily enjoying the process. My tasks thus far have ranged from reading play submissions, to compiling a list of local awards the theatre has won, to arranging headshots in alphabetical order and by ethnicity, to my current project researching the aspects of clowning present in the works of Samuel Beckett, specifically Waiting for Godot. All quite interesting, and sufficiently varied. We (the artistic/literary interns) have managed to procure university library cards of a clearance level so high that the sentry in charge of issuing them at the circulation desk openly expressed her shock at the awesome power they would allow us to wield. I can check out, literally, 100 books at a time. With such authority, I could conceivably conquer the world. I would therefore advise in you CONSTANT VIGILANCE.

This morning was the second of our intern seminars, where each week the head of a different department meets with all the interns currently working at the Playhouse to provide us with breakfast and a description of the particular tasks they oversee. This morning we got strawberries, vanilla wafers, and whipped cream from General Management, who claim there is a competition to see which department's breakfast is the most creative.

A couple of nights ago I gave in to my state of literary deprivation of late by staying up until 2am to finish The Life of Pi, which I had started a few days previous but hadn't been able, with my work schedule, to get through nearly fast enough. It was a very good book, engaging and philosophical and vivid, and I recommend it to anyone who hasn't yet had a chance to check it out. I then began the process of responding to the collection of e-mail that has been building up in my inbox over the past semester, some of it, rather embarrassingly, left over from as early as mid-January. This weekend, the intended projects include finishing the unpacking process and perhaps getting a DVD burned and sent out to my beloved Team Echoes.

I hope all is well with whatever persons and/or leprechauns have found this site and decided to take the time to peruse it.


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