Stars and Bubbles and All Things Sparkly and Bright

The past week in brief flashes:

The summer's annual twelve-hour relay-- twenty crazy cross country runners clustered on a track in the dead of night, split into two teams and taking turns carrying two gradually dimming glowsticks in 80 miles' worth of circles, passing the time between runs with stretching, reading, dancing, giggling, eating, stargazing, and a fabulous game of leap frog across the football field. (Has anyone ever actually played that game? I don't think I ever had, seriously, before that night. It's actually incredibly fun. And not a little bit of a quad workout, either.)

Two e-mail exchanges I am most delightfully involved in-- a collaborative novella with Coach in the form of a series of vignettes around a transient Fountain of Life, and a gloriously lengthy philosophical/theological contemplation of the human condition.

Current reading material-- The Sparrow (Christian science fiction): what are the theological implications of intelligent life on other planets? Makes me hopeful for my own writing career--it IS possible to write interesting yet deeply meaningful fiction, after all!

Recent stargazing-- saw Jupiter's moons (crazy!) and the Butterfly Cluster (in Scorpio; gorgeous).

Afternoon of fun-- sitting on the hill out front in the shade of a tree, reading, and then buffeted by a thousand bubbles from my mom's newest acquisition; popping and frolicking and spreading bubble joy; gazing upside down at the world with my nine-year-old sister and marveling at how alien it makes the world look.

Work-- First week at the Young Performer's Workshop; I have named my group (4th and 5th graders) the Sunshine Group because our t-shirt color is yellow and I am trying to encourage them to keep a positive attitude; the job takes every ounce of energy but the kids are darling and still young enough to have pretty universally good intentions, and there is definitely much scope for sociological observation.

Plans for tomorrow-- watch the 4th of July parade, finish The Sparrow, update my journal, admire some fireworks, ponder the complexity of my opinions about patriotism.

Have a good one!


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